Andros Townsend hopes Wilfried Zaha will stay at Crystal Palace

Andros Townsend hopes Wilfried Zaha will stay at Crystal Palace

Andros says Crystal Palace players hope Wilfried Zaha will stay in Selhurst Park this summer. Wilfried, who signed a five-year contract after Manchester United, is one of the most paid Eagles.

Roy Hodgson has said he is a top player and hopes he will stay in the club. But if Wilfried decides to move on, the club will give him full support so he can continue to develop his career.

He scored six goals before being fired from Southampton after an incident with a judge. Townsend believes Wilfried has learned a lot from that case.

Wilfried Armel Zaha is a professional football player who plays in the forward position for Crystal Palace.

He was born on Ivory Coast and grew up in England where he came with his parents while he was four years old. The first time to perform in 2012 was for the England Football Team.

Before the young player is a big decision. It is important that he has the support of the club he is currently in, regardless of what decision he ultimately brings.

Andros Darryl Townsend is another great professional footballer from England who plays at the winger position at Crystal Palace, the Premier League Club. Andros also plays for the English team.

He graduated from the Tottenham Hotspur Academy. At the start, he was hired by several clubs from League One before he was given the opportunity to appear in the Premier League on September 16th, 2012.

After several great matches, Andros is shown as a great player after which he became a part of a permanent team at Tottenham Football Club for the season 2013-14.

After spending a short time in Newcastle he moved to Crystal Palace 2016. In his international career, he has done over thirteen appearances, achieving three goals.

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