Bangladesh remains calm

Bangladesh remains calm

Even though they started at a very different level in this World Cup, Bangladesh remains calm.

Above all, they begin their campaign perfectly as they defeated the team of South Africa in the opening game.

However, two defeats against New Zealand and England have pushed them far back.

In contrast to that, Bangladesh bounced back with 321 posted by West Indies.

At the same time, they made sure their win against South Africa was not just a stroke of pure luck.

In like manner, Shakib Al Hasan said it’s a whole new level for them altogether.

Moreover, he said that matches in Ireland helped them a lot and it never seemed like they were batting under pressure.

Furthermore, he added that their coaching staff deserves more credit as they helped them to remain calm and not panic in the dressing room.

Surely, in case that team panicks right before they need to go out and play it is a big problem.

However, together with the great coaching staff, they managed to get through the difficult moments.

Being that in 2010 Shakib was in much better form than presently, it seems like it isn’t the most important thing.

Above all, it seems that there are many things that overall have an influence on the game.

In addition, he stated that his present form is giving him more confidence altogether.

Not to mention, his mindset, which is one of the most important keys in order to do your best.

Shakib also stated that great form is a big advantage but the state of mind is everything to the player.

Not to mention, it has a great influence on the decisions and altogether game.

By all means, it dictates your bravery and your strength and in that way has an influence on your decisions within the game.

For that reason, preparing mentally as well as physically is also very important.

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