Bayern celebrates the double crown

Bayern celebrates the double crown

Afterward, they win in Bundesliga, Bayern celebrates the double crown since they took a trophy in German Cup. As a matter of fact, a double scorer for Bavarians was Robert Lewandowski and even one goal scored by Kingsley Coman.

Obviously, Niko Kovac won the double crown in Germany this season with Bayern Munich. Generally, they win the title of the championship a week ago and now they reached the trophy in the Cup.

In brief, Bayern beat RB Leipzig 3-0 at the Bayern Olympics in the final of the Cup.

All in all, Lewandowski has scored two goals. As a matter of fact, he scored the first goal in 29 minutes and the second one in 85 minutes.

Generally, in meantime at 78 minutes Coman scored a goal with a strong blow at 15 feet.

Basically, this is a second successive trophy in the German Cup for Niko. And after that, he won the title with Eintracht from Frankfurt. As a matter of fact, he only loses in the final two seasons ago with Eintracht.

Generally, for Bayern, this is the 19th time they win the Cup. For example, they were 23rd times in finals.

Without a doubt, this was a big day for RB Leipzig because this was their first final performance in 10-year club history.

As a result of Niko great performance with Bayern. However, the president of this big club announced that Niko stays at the coach position.

In fact, he even denied that there was a conflict between Niko and a dressing room. As a matter of fact, he even says that the team can’t play so well if there is no good relationship between the players and the coach.

In this situation, Rummenigge even said that there is no doubt that Niko will stay in his position. At least till the end of the contract in 2021.

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