Chelsea the winner of the European League

Chelsea the winner of the European League

Chelsea the winner of the European League. Without a reservation, Chelsea declarer Arsenal in the European League finals. Basically, in the first half, it was a peaceful game. But in the second half, the rain of goals start.

However, the game was played at the Olympic stadium in Baku. In fact, all goals are scored in the second half.

As can be seen, the player of the game was Eden Hazard. He scored two goals in this game.

All in all, goals for Chelsea are scored by Oliver Giroud, Pedro and Eden Hazard. However, the goal for Arsenal was scored by Alex Iwobi.

As a matter of fact, after this win, Chelsea players won a sixth European trophy in their history. In fact, that is their second title of the European League.

Basically, they can boast that they win all three European cups. That only went hand in hand for four clubs til now. In fact, Bayern, Juventus, and Ajax made to win all three titles.

However, in the second half, we see an amazing football. In fact, after four minutes in the second half, we see the first goal.

Without a doubt, Chelsea was playing just for the title. For Arsenal it was different. Basically, they need to win. In fact, they failed to qualify in the Champions League. Without a doubt, for them, this was a big bet. But unfortunately, they will not play in this league next time.

To sum up, Chelsea comes to the title without a defeat. Generally, they are in 15 games without a loss. In fact, they win in 12 games and they had three draws. As can be seen, they are without a loss for 18 games til now. Without a reservation, this is an amazing score.

And how will they play in the next year? We can only wait and see.

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