Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is the 12th edition of the cricket championship. From May 30 to July 14, hosts are Wales and England. Hosting rights were awarded in 2016 after Wales and England withdrew so they could host the World Cup 2015, which was held in New Zealand and Australia.

This is the fifth time that a great competition is held in Wales and England.

The format of the competition is such that a group of 10 teams is formed where each team plays another nine while the first four out of the group will be in semifinals.

The 10-team competition idea got a lot of criticism because of insufficient tournament teams. Given the rise in the number of countries from 10 to 12 this is the first World Cup where there are no affiliated members.

After the Pulwama attack, the Cricket Board in India called for a boycott of matches between Pakistan and India.

But after the press conference, the International Cricket Organization denies that Pakistan banned the World Cup competition, hoping that the two countries would succeed in settling the disagreements.

Every World Championship is an opportunity for athletes to demonstrate how much they can and whether to succeed as leaders of their team such as Dhoni, Ponting, Imran, Border, and Lloyd.

Virat Kohli is another well-known player who has set an example for others. Thanks to their games, it has become a model for many, although some are convinced that Kohli’s greatest success owes to MS Dhoni.

MS Dohni has long been one of the best players. Many experts agree that this is a world championship opportunity for Virat to emerge from the shadow of a former player.

Virat Kohli started with good games in 2017. He was just trying to point to the inability to take wickets in the middle overs. After that, other players became inevitable for a successful game. Like Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal.

Kohl has always had a captain’s vision and it is clear that this World Cup will be his biggest challenge. It gave him a unique opportunity to bring his team to the very top.

The new gameplay will certainly test his leadership skills and how fast he can adapt to each new situation.

Just the day before the start of the great contest, Kohli was relaxed. At the press conference, he had a white shirt with short sleeves and glasses. He looked relaxed and ready for new challenges.

But like any other player, he knew he was wrong. Six months before the event he said that Ambassador Rayudu would certainly be the fourth player. However, in the match against Australia, Rayud was dropped from the World Cup 15.

In front of Virat Kohli there are certainly a lot of good games.

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