Fiji Sevens star comes in Edinburgh

Fiji Sevens star comes in Edinburgh

As a matter of fact, Fiji Sevens star comes to Edinburgh. In fact, Edinburgh announced that they secured the signing for Mesulame Kunavula on a long-term deal.
However, this player can play on a lot of positions, as across back-five and at both flanker and lock.

After Fiji Sevens star comes in Edinburgh he will start to connect with his team-mates. After he signs a contract he said that he is happy that he will start his new chapter in career. And that he is really happy that this is in Edinburgh.

However, he mentions that he enjoyed in Sevens but he felt that is the right time to move forward. And he even said that this is a great chance to improve as a player.

As a matter of fact, he even said that he looking forward and can’t wait to represent this club for the years that come.

In any case, the head coach of Edinburgh said that he is really happy that Mesu will come in his team. In fact, he is a great player and he shows that he knows how to play in Fiji Sevens. After all, he is a world-class player.

Basically, they are looking for a player that can offer something different. That has some x-factor. And for sure Mesu has all this.

But who is this Fiji Sevens star that comes in Edinburgh? He is born in Talievu. In fact, his World Rugby Sevens Series debut was in 2016. However, in the time when he plays for U20, he joined the police force.

Kunavulu was one of the most important players when Fiji won the 2018/2019 Seven series. In fact, they win five out of 10 tournaments.

In any case, we can only wish him a bit of luck in the new club and hope that he will show us a great performance.

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