Israel Folau start legal action against Rugby Australia

Israel Folau start legal action against Rugby Australia

As can be seen, Israel Folau starts legal action against Rugby Australia and Waratahs. The main reason for that action was the situation in which Rugby Australia canceled his contract.

As a matter of fact, they made this decision after Falau writes an inappropriate post on Instagram. However, in this situation, he insults the gay population, adulters and everyone who did something that he doesn’t approve.

In fact, he decides to fight against his termination of the contract. If you live in Australia, you have a 21 day to send an appeal for unfair dismiss.

As a matter of fact, Falau decides to sue Rugby Australia. In fact, he thinks that they transgressed act 772 of the Fair Work Act.

Basically, this act says that employer can’t terminate employers for the race, color, sexual preference, age and etc. So, he thinks that his rights are violated.

In this situation, he gets a lot of support from Australian people who experience one of the violated rights.

However, Falau wants to $10 million if he wins in the court. And after this information, Rugby Australia said that they did not choose to be in this legal fight. Unfortunately, now they need to put a lot of money in this legal fight.

But, they have a faith that they will win. In fact, they say that every player or some other public person needs to know how to act in public. In fact, they represent the sport which they play in. So they need to act properly.

In fact, we all have rights, but when we work for someone we need to respect our employer and the contract that we signed.

As a matter of fact, we need to wait and see who will win in this situation.

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