New rules in the Champions League

New rules in the Champions League

As a matter of fact, if the new information’s are correct we will have new rules in the Champions League after 2024. Since summer 2024 the Champions league will be totally different. As a matter of fact, the only thing that should be the same as the number of teams.

Accordingly, eight clubs that end on the last place in the first circle of playing. In fact, they will go to the European League.

As a matter of fact, this information comes from Spanish radio stations. And how they say there will be four groups of eight teams.

However, now in the Champions league is four teams in eight groups. On the other hand, there is one information that the games will be played at the weekend. As a matter of fact, they even have in plan to change how to qualification.

One of the most important things is that in the new changes clubs will play 14 games. Not like now when they play six games.

For sure this will have a big effect on the domestic league. Probably, changes will happen there. But for that, we need to see what will happen here.

Without a doubt, rumors about changes start after there was a proposal of the European Super League. However, there should play 11 elite clubs.

However, there was no official word about this league but you know how it says. If there is smoke, there is a fire.

As a matter of fact, Spanish find out that for this change are vote a couple of their clubs. In this case, they say that Atletico, Sevilla, Valencia, Malaga and a couple more clubs vote for this change.

Is this true information, we will see. But there is a big probability that some changes will happen.

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