World Rugby Series Title goes to Fiji

World Rugby Series Title goes to Fiji

World Rugby Series Title goes to Fiji. As can be seen on Sunday Fiji won a World Rugby Sevens Series title for the fourth time. In the meantime, they also win the 2019 Paris Sevens title.

Before they win New Zealand in the finale they play semi-finals. In fact, in semi-finals, they won against the USA.

Do you believe that World Rugby Series Title goes to Fiji. On one hand, they lose the last two Cup finals, and now they finally win. In fact, they scored first points in 30 seconds.

After all, the final score was 35-24 for Fuji. In fact, the last action started with Regan Ware who crossed twice for the All Black Sevens and Dylan Coller put a final score.

Not to mention that Fiji was Olympics champions in 2016. And before that, they win the World Series three times. As a matter of fact in 2006, 2015 and 2016.

For example, the USA never gets higher than fifth place in the world series. But, they had an amazing season and they finish as the second one.

As a matter of fact, New Zealand after this loses end up like third.

The last day at the Stade Jean-Bouin was crown for one amazing season. As a matter of fact, Fiji, USA, New Zealand, and South Africa qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

As a matter of fact, Japan ends up like 15th in the world series. But they are a host and they will be also at the Olympics.

After this interesting season in World Series which gives us amazing games and even better results. Now it is time to wait for the Olympics and see who will win.

But, before the Olympics, we need to see a new look of men’s and women’s World Rugby Series. In fact, in the new look, we will have at last six combined events. But about that, we will write some other time.

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